Above and Beyond Advocacy

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Our Advocacy Philosophy

#1 Helping children be and feel successful is the number one priority. Once we get on the path of success, expand on those areas for achievement of beneficial outcomes.   We do this by ensuring that they receive appropriate services that they are entitled to under the special education laws. Special education is required for all students who are determined eligible.  As a parent, you will advocate for your child’s services, but the school districts will be focused on the many students that they must provide services for.  Your child may not be the school district’s main focus, but they will definitely be the parent’s first priority.

Above and Beyond Advocacy provides special education advocacy  to ensure that students have positive outcomes.  We’re not satisfied until every student is a success story!

Special Education – An Entitlement

Under the IDEA law, special education is an entitlement.  If your child has a disability and requires support in school, the school must provide that support. 

Don’t Go it alone

Bring a knowledgeable person with you for support and guidance.  Special education can be a complicated process and when the focus is your child, it’s sometimes difficult to advocate effectively.

We can help

Contact us for guidance and support throughout this process so your child can have the best possible outcomes in school and life.  We provide an array of services to assist you in advocating for your child’s education.  Get help today!